The Healing School is now available online at 


         This new online course includes all three sessions plus the Healing School Manual/Workbook!

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Equipping and Empowering the Church

Get trained on how to heal the sick. In 3 sessions, you’ll learn what the Bible says about healing. 

 You learn how to practically heal the sick, how to pray and find the root cause of sickness like trauma, grief and so much more.

In 2018, over 1200 were trained and over 1000 healings came from students praying for the sick and afflicted.


In the first session you’ll learn what the Bible says about healing, how Jesus healed the sick, how the disciples healed the sick and what they taught us to do about healing.


In this second session, you’ll learn how to practically heal the sick and pray for healing. You’ll pray and see and feel Jesus heal the sick as pain disappears, legs grow, arms grow, spines realign and much more.


In the last session, you’ll learn about how sickness came and the root cause of trauma, grief, stress and death. Many sicknesses and diseases will be healed through the power of Jesus through your words and faith.

About Jamie Rauch

Jamie will be teaching and activating those who attend the healing school.

Jamie Rauch and his wife Mandy have four beautiful kids and lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Jamie is the founder and director of Light in Film, Influence and Love and On-Set Emissaries, spreading the love across Canada from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

His heart and calling is for the film & entertainment industry and God’s outpouring across Canada and Hollywood! Jamie is committed to living a 24/7 Christian lifestyle and to be a landing pad for God’s presence to continually manifest across Canada and in the film and entertainment industry worldwide. His heart’s desire it to see JESUS made know by carrying His presence, performing miracles, signs and wonders through the power of the Holy Spirit and showing that Jesus is real and alive today! Jamie firmly believes in carrying His presence from a place of pure LOVE!

Jamie Rauch will empower any believer to get out there and do "the stuff"!

Get ready to witness miracles! Get ready to see the sick being healed by the power of God! These prayers and divine instructions will enable you to be a Miracle Worker everywhere you go!

- Joshua Mills -

Todd White and I have asked Jamie Rauch to do in Canada what we do. It's absolutely incredible how many people have been healed in Canada through Jamie's ministry!

- Tom Ruotolo (Lifestyle Christianity) -

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